Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter and Chai Latte

I find the long dark evenings up north as depressing as cosy. Missing the day light is one thing, but getting blown away by an unforgiving wind is an entirely different matter. That being said, sipping a cup of tea under a duvet, listening to the wind's song and chatting with family and friends is worth the temporary discomfort.

What I love and dread about winter most is snow! Right now we're missing it in Denmark, but I have a few pictures of the snowy Pirin mountain in Bulgaria to console myself with. 

Returning to my point about tea, tonight my adorable sister asked me to make some chai latte for her. We found a recipe from BROOKLYNSUPPER, which sounded dreamy and I got working. Unfortunately, it turned out a bit too spicy for her taste. So, now I'm wondering for next time whether I should simply reduce the spices or look for something milder altogether. Has anyone got a chai latte recipe they love?


  1. Oh, you're in Denmark? I was in Sweden a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to more than my fill of snow then because it's very mild in France right now :(

    Chai is something I've been wanting to try for ages but never did. I love the idea of it though... sounds so warm and nice :)

    Charles @

  2. Yes, I'm currently living in Denmark. I've seen very little of Sweden, but I love mountains and it has plenty of them. :) Winter without snow is no winter, but... I'd say one of the best parts about traveling is going to a very different place. It's especially exciting to have a cold winter in the middle of which you get to visit a warm country... go to the beach, get tan, etc. Or the other way around.

    Ah, see... now is the right season to give it a try. ;)

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    1. Thank you for the share, James! It was informative. :)