Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Potato pizza

Remember when I said rice is better than potatoes unless they're baked? Well, today I baked some potatoes with other vegetables and mozzarella. The way I arranged everything in the tart form reminded me a lot of pizza, so that's how I called it.

I admit I get a little zealous when I work on my idea of palatable art. It's also a great thing nobody around me is too eager to give their opinions on how food should look, cause I might get in a war over it, metaphorically speaking. 


5 boiled potatoes
125 g. mozzarella 
3 eggs
50 g. milk
1/2 red pepper
1 carrot


1. Slice the potatoes and the mozzarella.
2. Cut the rest of the vegetables in your preferable way.
3. Arrange the potatoes and the mozzarella in a tart form like shown on the picture above. Fill the middle with diced potatoes.
4. Decorate with the rest of the vegetables.
5. Whisk the eggs and the milk. Add the spices to it.
6. Pour the mixture, starting from the outer layer of the form and finishing with the middle. Be careful, not to spoil your arrangement.
7. Bake at medium high temperature until ready.

Next time I would put the peas more to the periphery, cause they weren't covered by the egg mix and got a bit too dry.

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