Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crescent rolls with cheese

I thought I'd experiment a bit with my favorite dough (recipe) and make crescent rolls for a change. I used 150 ml milk and 100 ml buttermilk (kærnemælk) instead of 250 ml milk. I also increased the butter to 45 g., using the extra 15 g. for spreading between the rolled out dough layers. This time I estimated the dough at a little above 400 g.


1. Once the dough increases its volume twice, separate it in 8 parts.
2. Roll out each part and use butter to glue each two round layers/sheets.
3. Roll out again the so formed 4 circles and cut 8 triangles of each. 
4. Fill in the triangles with cheese/ jam/ chocolate and roll them into buns.
5. Brush over each bun with a whisked egg white.
6. Bake on baking paper at 220 C until ready.

Although they were softer than the buns from the original dough, both I and my sister prefer the lighter version.

That being said, I'm planning to make croissants with cheese/ chocolate on Sunday. So, I'm hunting for recipes now. DO share, if any of you dear readers have a favorite croissant recipe! :)


  1. These look amazing, I will need to get back to your original recipe and make the notes on the tweaks you did to get to these lovely crescents. I am leaving this in the bottom of my inbox to look into further. Great post!

  2. Съвършени са! Взимам си една за закуска, Мари! Сърдечни поздрави с пожелания за хубав ден! :)

    1. Благодаря, Ева! Усмихнат и успешен ден! :)

  3. Hvor ser de lækre ud, elsker sådan noget friskbagt brød. De minder lidt om nogen jeg lavede for ikke så længe siden, mine var dog uden ost. De var det helt store hit til aftensmaden :-D

    Mange hilsner

    1. Tak, Birthe! Jeg er ikke overrasket over det var lide så meget. Jeg vil undersøge om dit brød indlæg. ;)