Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bread and butter

I've been thinking about the use of butter in bread. It's surely healthier to use sunflower oil, but how can one make a real croissant with it? Moreover, one eats about 2-3 slices of bread a day (regardless its kind) and home-made bread is not an everyday occurrence, so why not make it tasty?! Because yes, bread with butter tastes many times better than bread with sunflower oil. Just as I'm about to finally convince myself about the superiority of butter, I think of olive oil. Divine! I made this year's Christmas eve bread with it (fasting day in Bulgaria). Now that's a memorable flavor! Cheap as it is not, I'd still go for it unless some special pastry dough is on the agenda. Then I'm gonna smile at the thought of the recently introduced "fat tax" and head for the dairy section. :D How do you solve this quandary?

I had half a package of yeast left, so this morning was a last call for using it - nothing should go to waste! ;) Since we really liked the dough I used last time (dough), I made a braided bread with tomato pure, feta cheese and herbs filling, and a couple of buns. Admittedly, I've become fond of bread without any filling, as it bakes better and I can choose what I wanna have it with afterwards. How do you prefer your bread?

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