Thursday, January 26, 2012

Instant caffe latte

I and my sister don't have a coffee machine (not that I drink coffee anyway), so it takes quite a bit of experimentation to get even remotely close to real caffe latte. Instead of brewing proper coffee, she uses instant coffee - Nescafe is excellent when it comes to that! Then, rather than using the blender to make the milk foamy as it should be (that would mean washing the blender :O), she shakes the milk in a little glass bottle... very entertaining to watch and a quick arm exercise. ;) You just need 40 ml instant coffee, your favorite sweetener (I recommend honey for its special flavor), 150 ml milk and a pinch of enthusiasm!

As I've mentioned in the personal brand and style page, I'm gonna be sharing a few ideas about my personal style. Clothing is part of it... and I've just been looking at Vila's online store sale... yey! Not that I'm gonna be buying anything (I've learnt my lesson to think twice, three times, four times... until I'm sure I need and not only want something... moving around makes you gain a new perspective on stuff, what can I say. :D), but it was fun matching up two favorite garments and arranging a whole outfit. This one's appropriate both during the day and for a party... okay, okay... without the heels. Walking around in those for too long can kill your feet!!


  1. Hi Marie - it looks like a pretty decent coffee considering it's made in a couple minutes using milk shaken up in a bottle :D I'd be stuck without my plain black filter coffee though.

    Charles @

    1. It's quite delicious too... But I have to say, I get why black coffee is superior... there is just so much flavor, which is disguised by milk in the latte version!