Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegan raspberries ice-cream

It's been one of those days when everything just had to be frozen. I woke up in the morning looking at the frosty field behind the dorm, thinking that it is as good time as any to take a walk with a poncho instead of a coat. First mistake! Then I thought that I'd go for a run in the evening, as I'm planning to register for a 10km motorway run on 24th March in Kliplev. Had I been more considerate and taken the less windy streets, while avoiding the particularly open beach area, things might have passed uneventfully. But no! Second mistake! Since it's Wednesday, I wanted to prepare something vegan and fruity. For reasons unknown to me (to be read as bad judgement), I immediately decided on raspberries ice-cream. No matter how delicious, it tipped off the balance and I've been feeling particularly under the weather for a bit now. Hopefully that passes by tomorrow and I get a bit smarter about my everyday choices.

Never mind common cold, here is raspberries ice-cream - a simple, super healthy and delicious treat for kids and adults!


250 g. frozen raspberries
1 banana
100 g. coconut milk

50 g. coconut milk 
1 tb. sp. vanilla sugar 


1. Blend the banana, the frozen raspberries and the 100 g. coconut milk until smooth. Pour in serving glasses or in a bowl and leave in the freezer for 2-3 hours. (I had very little patience, so I waited just 30 min; it melted almost instantly.)
2. Mix the remaining coconut milk and the vanilla sugar to use as sauce. (It was nice, but too much! Next time I'm gonna put a mint leave for looks and leave it at that. ;))


  1. Прекрасен е, Мари! Сладолед се яде вкъщи целогодишно, а и харесвам комбинацията малини и кокос. Поздрави! :)

    1. Мерси, Ева! И на нас много ни се услажда и студеното време не пресича апетита за леденото удоволствие. А малините са ми любим плод! :)