Pictures of Sønderborg

An otherwise big city marveler, I've been smitten with the tranquility of Sønderborg ever since I arrived. Time goes slower here! It's partially a Scandinavian thing, but also a phenomenon of the province. Everyone goes about their business without the urgency you know from city life. It changes you. It makes you more relaxed and less prone to stressing about every little inconvenience. 

Another staggering discovery about this little town is that everything has its specific spot. Sometimes I wonder how much of this order comes from regulations and how much it is the work of citizens. I've walked it in and out, but there's hardly anything I can point to with confusion or disapproval. Well, maybe a statue and a fountain from last year, but that's another issue. :P 

Then there's nature. It's pained me the land's so boringly flat... to the point where a friend and I call it "the pancake", but... and this is a big but... I have the forest and the sea next to each other within a five minute walk from home. It's a winning combination many would be jealous of. So, I don't pity myself anymore, but embrace my circumstances with a happy smile. 

There are lots of words I can write about Sønderborg, but pictures describe it best!

Love of life!

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