Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hand-made pasta

I've been considering making my own pasta for a while now, but I never got down to it until today. Although it was probably the hardest dough to roll out, looking smugly at the separate pieces on the rack and later tasting it made the effort quite rewarding. It also turned out cheaper than buying fettuccine!


2 eggs
1 cup flour
1/4 t. sp. salt


1. Sift the flour on the counter and make a well. Put the eggs inside.

2. Start beating the eggs with a fork, adding flour little by little.

3. Once the mixture gets thicker, start kneading, integrating the remaining flour. If it gets too dry, add a little water. It it remains sticky, add more flour.

 4. Once you have a well-formed dough, roll it out thinly, sprinkle a little flour and roll it in. Then start cutting the roll as thinly as you like.

5. Roll the pieces out and let the pasta rest for a bit on a rack. At this point, you can either prepare the ingredients for your sauce or refrigerate it for later use. When you boil the pasta, be ware that it will cook fast - about 5 min.

I made my pasta with leek, sunflower seeds, herbs, cottage cheese and olives.


  1. Прекрасна паста! Ще се възползвам от рецептата! Поздрави! :)

    1. Благодаря и заповядай, Ева! Усмихнат ден! :)

  2. Wow! You did such a beautiful job. There is nothing better than fresh pasta. Reading this post has inspired me to give it a try. Thanks. I enjoy your blog.

    1. Thank you, Pattie! Indeed, it's quite different from the bought one. I encourage you to try... you'll be very pleased with the result! :)

  3. This does inspire me to get out the pasta maker. Great tutorial post here with a delicious finale. Well done.

  4. Thank you, Tina! Have fun making pasta! :)

  5. Hi Marie, I love home-made pasta. I have to admit - for me, I don't taste that much difference between home-made egg pasta and shop-bought egg pasta, but it's not always about taste. I just love taking 3 simple ingredients and pounding away at the dough to create pasta yourself!

    I have to say though, I cheat a bit - I have a pasta machine. I would find rolling it out by hand really, really difficult since I'm so impatient :(

    Great looking pasta! :)

    Charles @

    1. Thank you, Charles! Absolutely! Making pasta yourself just gives it that little extra to appreciate it afterwards. Otherwise, I use it as a quick solution to the "I'm starving, but I don't have any time" problem.

      Hehe... kitchen appliances are created for a reason. The only reason why I haven't considered using Kitchen Aid or pasta machine (aside from money) is that it relaxes me... kind of wears you off and gives you a little time to put everything in perspective. ;)