Friday, January 27, 2012

Healthy breakfast/ lunch

Waking up to find the town snow white is a dream! If it was sunny, the snow would have glittered!! But it's Denmark and we live under a huge, rarely giving way to sunlight cloud. That's alright... we can still walk on the fresh snow, listen to the lovely sound our boots make and enjoy the tranquility the view and the lack of traffic creates. Super nice!

Going back to food now. Wheat isn't commonly found on our table. Mostly we just don't remember about it, unless a friend/ tv show/ food blogger mentions it... like it happened this time around. So, today I went to the store and bought some wheat to boil for lunch. Yummy! I especially like the combination of wheat, natural yoghurt and fruit. So, here it goes.


100 g. wheat
5 dates
1/4 cup raisin 
1/4 cup minced walnuts (I didn't have any today. :/ ) 
1 t. sp. lemon zest
1 t. sp. orange zest
1 t. sp. vanilla sugar

1 cup natural yoghurt
1/2 orange
1/2 apple


1. Boil the wheat and leave it aside to cool.
2. Cut the dates and the raisin in small pieces.
3. Mix the what with the dried fruit, the walnuts, the zest and the vanilla sugar.
4. Serve with yoghurt, and orange and apple slices.

It has everything you need! But more than that, it's light and fresh, which makes it the perfect breakfast or lunch! :)


  1. Страхотна рецепта - пълна с витамини, аромат и цвят! :)

    1. Благодаря, Ева! Подготовка за пролетта, нали така. :)

  2. Denmark in the snow sounds insanely beautiful! It's down right how where I am today... this looks like the perfect warm and cozy breakfast for those cold mornings though. Enjoy the snow!

  3. Thank you, Jen! Have a lovely snowy weekend! :)

  4. Lucky thing - wish we had some snow here :( I'm missing it right now :( It's so... temperate here right now. Some days you could be forgiven for thinking we weren't in full swing of spring already, and there was a day the other day which actually felt like a cool summer's day... unbelievable :(

    Great looking breakfast... I actually had something similar myself today, with some strawberries on the side! Yummy :)

    Charles @

    1. Oh, that's quite disappointing, I understand. On the bright side, you can leave the coat and gloves back home and enjoy the sun. ;)

      Your breakfast sounds quite delicious... with your weather, you're gonna enjoy some local strawberries earlier than we will. :)