Monday, March 19, 2012

Mixed salad

I realized I had inadvertently missed to show you a very cute picture in my last post, so instead of waiting for the end of the week (by which time I'm sure it'll be forgotten again), I'm stopping by for a quick post with a foodie note at the end.

While walking on the beach last week, we saw a man showing a pretty big fish he had captured to his wife (I presume), so she could take a picture of this glorious moment. I've seen this only in movies, so it definitely made an impression. Fortunately and in the spirit of a true paparazzi , my camera was still on (to be read as "always on"), so I quickly snapped a picture. :O

Inspired by the picture... I've had a few pieces of frozen salmon for a while now, so it was about time I made dinner with it. Mixed salad with greens, red pepper, carrot and maize added to the baked salmon bites with potatoes and herbs. I hadn't cooked salmon and potatoes together in aluminum foil, but they turned out delicious. 

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