Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blueberry yoghurt smoothie

Normally, I'm an all-seasons person. So, whenever I get the question "which is your favorite season?", I stare thoughtfully for a few moments as if I'm trying to figure it out yet again and then answer vaguely "I like them all". That's pretty much how I feel about most things. There's just something specific I like about each thing (unless I totally hate it) and depending on what I'm looking for at that particular moment, I choose different things. Let me tell you, that can be exceptionally confusing, as I would go from one end to another. So, I'm known as a person of many minds. I keep it interesting for myself that way. Another thing I'm known for is getting off topic all the time. Like now. You'll see that a lot here. 

Although I like all seasons, it's spring now and I'm just about head over heels with it. After the mild but dark and silent winter, every time I hear the birds in the morning, I get butterflies in the stomach. The colors are still pretty dull and uninspiring, but you can feel it in the air... life! So, now is the time to start with the long walks and that's just what I, my sister and a friend did on Friday. Fabulous! This is why I'm also showing you a few pictures from our walk.

The moment I see a duck, a swan or a rabbit, I forget about any of my companions and go to look and photograph them. This time I actually managed to follow my dad's advice and approach two ducks with slow and fluid movements. They still didn't look too trusting at me, but at least they waited until I was real close to jump in the water. 

Even though for the most part the day was sunny and warm, by the time we were getting back from our walk, it changed so quickly and drastically, that I felt like I was transported in an alternate version of that day. I have to say that's one of the things I like most about spring though. It keeps surprising you.

Once I saw the approach of the boat below, I ran towards the beach, so I could take a picture of it in this mystic weather... did so too. But what I connect this moment with now is the scene that followed. Just as I was finished taking the boat picture and leaving, I saw a guy with a camera quickly approaching the rocks in front of me and immediately taking a sniper's position to photograph that same boat. You always know when you see a keen photography enthusiast!

Moving on to food!

We realized that there is a new season of a Bulgarian reality show called "The cherry of the cake". Every week five well-known people are chosen to cook for each other during the week, each of them hosting a dinner for the rest of the participants. It shows the entire process of selecting the dishes, preparing them and hosting the dinner, all the while being entertained by the host's stories. A professional chef also offers comments about how the food is being prepared and gives suggestions for improvements. It's very entertaining and educative, which makes it perfect for my taste. So, while watching an episode of it, I got really annoyed with one of the participants, who constantly commented on what she wouldn't eat. So very picky! Then I realized I'm kind of like that too, which is something I haven't really considered as upsetting until now. This means, I'm gonna be working on my attitude towards some of the undesirable foods and hopefully I won't find myself annoying before long.

Today, I enjoyed an hour of jogging which meant that I needed something lighter for lunch afterwords. I've noticed how after exercise I can't eat anything for about an hour and then suddenly I feel starved and light-headed. Not good! However, I've found the perfect energy booster and that's fruit yoghurt smoothie. I'm a big fan of blueberries... always have been, so I go for them any time I can. That kind of makes me nostalgic about the good old childhood, when I'd go to the mountain with my parents and pick berries all day long, while shouting at the echo "Grandma bear, come here" (sounds better in Bulgarian...hehe). 

When making smoothies, I never follow recipe proportions. Everyone has a preference to how dense or liquid they want it and which ingredients they want to taste more of. So, I'm just gonna say that I made mine with blueberries, banana, yoghurt and water. Well, the blueberries dominated certainly. It disappeared faster than it came about! :)

On a visit to the library this week, I accidentally spotted a book on Kofi Annan and I immediately thought I want to take it with me home. It's in a fairly understandable Danish, which makes it all that much more interesting for me and I'll share what I thought of it when I finish. I also got some books on textile print design, which is something I'm very interested to learn. I did some research on it during Christmas and it could be possible to also take a course on mixed media and digital print design in the summer, if I decide that I want some formal guidance. The best part of the course is that you get some feedback and notable exposure, so it's definitely something worth considering. 

It's too late, so I cut this post short of the Danish version. :/


  1. The colour of the smoothie is beautiful. The shot of the duck in the deep blue waters is so lovely!

    1. Thank you! I was very happy how both turned out. :)